I’m the best wedding photographer in the universe for less than 0,01% of its population, including my mom (proudly representing the alien part).

My clients come from all over the world to get married in FRANCE, UK or ITALY.
They are more than thirty years old, but always look younger even when they have kids.

They embrace difference. They have chosen to have a destination wedding for all the freedom they can get.
They want it, not as a fairy tale, but laidback & stylish as a gathering of people they cherish the most.

They feel timeliness and serene beauty rather than immediate perfect empti-trendi-awesome-ness.

Just like they have chosen each other.

I appreciate all the creative freedom they gave me, and thank them by helping them feeling confident in front of my camera.

Also, I’m a husband, dad, photographer, based in Provence, since 2009 whose work was published in :