Marie & Orphée - Chateau de Bagnols

Marie & Orphée got married at the French luxury hotel, Chateau de Bagnols in the Beaujolais
Marie wore a Constance Fournier gown and Orphée picked the tailor of Mick Jagger, Edward Sexton for this original purple suit.
From the getting ready moments to the party, everything was on top, thanks to the coordination of the chateau.

I let you discover the picture of their  #chateauwedding :

Dear Couple,

I’m Sebastien, your photographer based in Provence. 

I follow couples who want effortlessly beautiful pictures anywhere in the world.

I want you to see yourself confident, joyful and sincere.

Domaine Fon de Rey Wedding Venue

Camille & Mathieu have been married this 2016’s spring at the domaine Fon de Rey wedding venue, south of France.

You can see their engagement session on the beach here.

Weather was really cold this day ( as their engagement session) but actually really warm with all their friends and families around.

Thank you to my bride and groom for their confidence and all the freedom they let me.
You will not see a bunch of images, one below other and this hundred times.
Maybe i’m getting old but scrolling bores me more and more because of its great power of diluting pictures.
I prefer, while i’m figuring out how to present images in a better manner, to let you discover their wedding pictures with this slideshow.

Slideshows are, to my own opinion, one of the perfect tool to get into the mood of a wedding day because you can add another layer of authorship to the coverage.
Despite it needs another layer of work too, it really deserves it for all the feelings you can lead with it.

Sebastien Boudot Wedding Photographer South France

So, take this 7min free time to immerse in their day with “Shallows” performed live by Daughter.

Normandy Wedding Photographer

Alice & Jean-Baptiste have contacted me to be their wedding photographer in Normandy, Domaine de Guerquesalles.
So far, nothing extraordinary for me. I learn that she is a photographer for major brands of cosmetics and doctoral student in social sciences.
Precise work, rigorous, demanding one side and a search for meaning on the other.

First feeling : Brrrr…a slight apprehension

The question I ask myself when photographers come to me to cover their marriage is: Why?
It is not a question of false modesty, but a real question about what they saw, felt in my work as professionals for their intimate wedding.

Second feeling: Relief

I had to meet a bride who knew what she wanted and from there, half way was done.
The reason why, Alice gave me: Beyond the aesthetic image, an emotion was paramount to her heart for their wedding and present in my work. A marriage that should be canceled without.

Bastide Saint Mathieu Grasse Wedding

Amy & Dan wedding took place in Provence, Grasse at Bastide Saint Mathieu.
A unique venue with character on the french riviera. I’ve met these two Londoners in Hackney last summer and was so glad to see them again for one of their biggest moments in life.

They took care of every single guest. And trust me, it’s a tough mission on a blazing fast wedding day…
Let me share their feedback on their pictures :

“You’ve captured the energy wonderfully, so many happy smiling people including ourselves. We LOVE them.”