Ok, let’s admit that while i could have done thousands miles to go to Indonesia, i had never put a single foot in UK.
Time passed from language trip i never did during high school and the so close city stayed with its postcards during so many years. Quite Definitely a shame at 36 even if/because i grow up in St Malo and its british mood.
So, while having a couple whose wedding will happen in Provence and living in Hackney, i offered them to do their together session in Shoreditch and Notting Hill.

I’ve really met the kindest people on earth Amy & Dan and THE city.

First, no excuse to come back again, again and again to London : It’s easy, cheap and magic. ( add -er than Paris to the 3)
Second : Once landed, it was heaven despite of the rainy-muggy weather.
This place is for people who care about… caring.
Caring about details everywhere, from the street signs which explain everything to pub’s decoration.

East London is the creative core with Street Art and it’s amazing places.
Londoners, you are so talented for transforming places into creative ones.