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Perhaps you’ve found my blogpost because you’re searching a wedding photographer in Italy.

My clients have their wedding in France, Uk or Italy and extensively Europe.

They come from all around the world and choose a destination wedding in Italy for all the liberty they can get and the astounding experience for them and their guests.
Abroad they gathered their closest friends and families away for having a low-pressure but elegant and stylish wedding.

Here are some pictures I’ve made for them in Italy :

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I follow couples who want effortlessly beautiful pictures anywhere in the world.

I want you to see yourself confident, joyful and sincere.

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Why having a destination wedding in Italy

To get marry is one of the most important thing for both bride and groom. Everyone waits for this day anxiously. And organizing it is like a second job. In the most recent years, destination weddings have become attractive than ever for the freedom they can provide. The destination wedding is basically an event where groom and bride plan their wedding away from their home. Both of them invite their close family members, relatives or friends for this special day in order to make this event memorable.
Organizing a destination wedding is like starting a new families blank page compared to local wedding. Guests have to truly want to come and only a bit of diplomacy is required for invitations. Couple will only be surrounded by beloved close friends.
When choosing the country, area or event venue, bride and groom look for the pros of having destination weddings. These weddings are less expensive as compared to others. Couple has to pay their own traveling cost, venue and accommodation charges. As in most cases, couple elects not to pay the traveling and guests accommodations fees. Well it all depends on their budget.
Resorts of different famous countries offer wedding packages and refer wedding planners, photographers, wedding caters and so on. Destination weddings in different countries like Italy have now become easier for couples. Even couples desire to have cruises in their wedding to make this time special.
These kinds of destination weddings often have limited number of guests as compared to home weddings. Also it depends on the country, area, location, or venue that whether your guests can easily arrive there or not. So these types of wedding destinations will cost you less for a warmer quality moment.
As compared to home weddings, destination weddings are much simple and easy to have as well as execute. All these weddings are frequently organized by wedding planners who are professional in this field. Just the couple has to deliver their ideas and the biggest part of the task is done by the planners. Such a destination wedding will eradicate all your anxiety because the occasion is totally far away from your home and less number of people will attend that event. Bride and groom can give a quality moment to their guests and can also enjoy personally.