More than a “best of”, these picks from 2015 weddings are directions for the next season.

There’s no better idea than gathering friends and families around love and that’s the main reason i’m a wedding photographer.

I was honoured to have awesome clients this past year that let me creative freedom to tell the story of their wedding. People who trusted me. People who laugh and cry. People who believe that poetry is between the lines.

Before this season i thought for a long time that emotions often sound a bit (could be a lot) cheesy in wedding photography.

I was wrong. Cheesy is when you pretend something is natural, organic or authentic when all was staged.

Joy, hapinness, craziness are not cheesy.

I believe that you must document more and more these feelings and mix it with a simple aesthetic. Just like music.

“Under Pressure” is in my top 3 since i heard it in skateboarding video “The End”.
It’s quite impossible to dance on it because of its rythms (don’t do it at wedding, i tried for my own) but it’s the perfect song.
Clever but simple. A huge amount of generosity and perfectly performed by two awesome voices and talents.

All the qualities you can aim for wedding pictures.

To my future clients, i’ll go deeper to these values again and again. This is my will.

So i let you discover this with music ON and quite LOUD.