Alice & Jean-Baptiste have contacted me to be their wedding photographer in Normandy, Domaine de Guerquesalles.
So far, nothing extraordinary for me. I learn that she is a photographer for major brands of cosmetics and doctoral student in social sciences.
Precise work, rigorous, demanding one side and a search for meaning on the other.

First feeling : Brrrr…a slight apprehension

The question I ask myself when photographers come to me to cover their marriage is: Why?
It is not a question of false modesty, but a real question about what they saw, felt in my work as professionals for their intimate wedding.

Second feeling: Relief

I had to meet a bride who knew what she wanted and from there, half way was done.
The reason why, Alice gave me: Beyond the aesthetic image, an emotion was paramount to her heart for their wedding and present in my work. A marriage that should be canceled without.